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Yuvi’s Candy Tree (Israel)


Fleeing famine in her native Ethiopia, five-year-old Yuvi is sure she will have a candy tree when she arrives in Jerusalem.

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Fleeing famine in her native Ethiopia, five-year-old Yuvi is sure she will have a candy tree when she arrives in Jerusalem.

K. C. Harris says:

Yuvi’s Candy Tree, A sweet treat if didn’t diefy whites as angels I purchased this book because I wanted a story about the repatriation of Jews to the holy land. This tale is told through the eyes a five year old girl named Yuvi. Yuvi is a Falasha (Ethopian Jew). The story follows her and her family as they make the difficult journey through the wilderness of Easteren Africa. Along the way they are confronted with thrist, hunger and robbers to name a few. But her grandmother just keeps encouraging young Yuvi by saying “We are going to Jerusalem, we have angels with us. We’ll fly home.” I thought this was a beautiful way of capturing the hope that many Jews around the world have felt about returning to the holy land. However,….. 

D. Fowler says:

This is a heartwarming fictional story based on Yuvi Tashome’s escape from Ethiopia to Israel … Under the dark of night a line of people on foot were trying to escape Ethiopia, but five-year-old Yuvi was seated atop a donkey because she was so small and “had no shoes.” There were whispers in the night about robbers and the hyenas began to scream, making everyone fearful. Yuvi’s grandmother tried to comfort her by saying, “We are going to Jerusalem. We have angels with us. We’ll fly home.” The journey continued and she was anxious to join her mother and baby brother who had gone to Jerusalem before them. Their clothes became soiled and hunger set in, but they could still pretend they had Ethiopian bread and “make-believe coffee made of stones” on Shabbat. It was going to be a difficult journey. 

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