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Ethiopia (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)


Presents the history, culture, government, land, wildlife, traditions, and people of Ethiopia.

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Presents the history, culture, government, land, wildlife, traditions, and people of Ethiopia.

ChicagoLarry says:

Short & easy, yet comprehensive; great for travelers Although this steeply-priced little book is intended for school kids, adults might find it more useful than a steeply-priced travel guide. Not that it will tell you what to see or where to sleep or eat, but it covers all pertinent aspects of the country in simple language, along with plentiful photos. You could stick with those dryer sections of a Lonely Planet book or the encyclopedia, but for a comprehensive overview, why wouldn’t you want this as well?So I say it’s great for travelers too–it makes for a quick and an easy learning curve for enhancing your visit.Note that this is not one of those beautiful coffee table books. After your visit, you’ll want to explore some of those. But for a basic understanding of the country, choose this.

Ryan Martin says:

Very thorough and readable overview of Ethiopia This book covers a brief snapshot of every piece of the culture of Ethiopia from geography to the political climate; from the people to the food and entertainment found within. This is a great book to get if you are wanting more of a resource on what Ethiopia looks like without the travel book feel.

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